3D animation and visualization as a modern tool for communication of transport structures

Transport constructions

They always represent a conflict of interest between several stakeholder groups.

Whether it is the investor, the relevant ministries, local or regional authorities, various non-profit organisations associated with nature conservation or the inhabitants of the area concerned, it is necessary to present and assess all arguments for and against such a construction. Unclear drawings can now be replaced by faithful simulations that can show the proposed construction in the form of a video or 3D animation and thus present the benefits of the proposed solution in its embryonic form.

Construction preparation phase

The preparation of any transport construction is a matter of several years

At the very beginning, a study with examples of several options with the location of the building is created in order to select the most advantageous one.

Study phase

with examples of several options with the location of the building, the aim of which is to select the most advantageous one.

Construction preparation

This phase of construction is to assess its environmental impact.

Intent of the project

one of the crucial stages of preparation, where the economic efficiency of the construction is assessed.

Project documentation

The documentation phase then deals with the location and detailed design of the individual buildings.

Each stage of the preparation of the construction affects a wide range of interest groups and organisations. However, 3D animation, visualisation or video compositions can offer a realistic simulation of the finished building set in the landscape or urban development.

This makes the view of the intended building, usually presented in poorly understandable design situations, clearer.In addition to the technical documentation, the 3D processing of such a building is an ideal means of resolving any conceptual inconsistencies or additional assumptions that the animation reveals.

Animation of upcoming buildings

are undoubtedly the communication tool of the future.

The majority of the general and professional public already has access to modern technologies. Compared to the conventional approach, a 3D presentation can easily present a building to the public through many information channels. The entire project can thus be publicized in a timeless way with actively managed PR.

The inhabitants of the area concerned thus have the chance to see the project many months before it is commissioned or even before it has been prepared, thus avoiding further doubts.

Modern concept of building presentation

in the form of a faithful animation is an accelerating tool for further deliberation.

Whether it is support for funding from operational programmes, inter-ministerial or public negotiations, property and zoning proceedings or communication between the investor, designer and contractor.

The importance of transport structures is obvious with regard to the environment, regional development, economic growth of the country and increasing traffic intensity. The cost of transport construction represents a significant item of the state budget.  This will not be different in the future, rather it will be necessary to increase this item.

Our priority is

Your satisfaction and a job well done

The ambition of state-of-the-art communication tools, including 3D presentation of transport structures, is to simplify, speed up and streamline the preparation of structures.

The sum of these factors is most likely to result in a reduction in the cost of preparing transport structures and a speeding up of the whole process.

in points

Simplifying and speeding up the construction process.
Replace cluttered drawings with realistic 3D animation or video compositing.
Faithful setting of the building in a real environment.
Timely resolution of conceptual inconsistencies.
Reduction of the total cost of construction preparation.
Understandable presentation of the building especially to the general public.
Effective and attractive media coverage of the project.
Presentation of the construction across communication channels.

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